Learning Experts To Give Away Online Training

Teachers can now access free online professional development from All Kinds of Minds to build their knowledge of learning variation…

All Kinds of Minds today announced that for a limited time it will provide free access to research-based online learning modules designed to build teachers’ expertise in how students learn.

A national nonprofit dedicated to closing the learning gap in schools, All Kinds of Minds has spent more than a decade developing courses and tools for educators based on the latest research on the mind and learning variation. Motivated by continuing nationwide cuts in education budgets, which have drastically reduced funds available to support high-quality professional development for teachers, the organization has decided to offer free and unlimited access to three Internet-based learning modules.

“Nearly half of all teachers say their students’ learning abilities are so varied that they can’t do an effective job of teaching,” said All Kinds of Minds CEO Mary-Dean Barringer and author of the new book, Schools for All Kinds of Minds, citing a survey published by MetLife. “Our research and experience show that when teachers are able to understand and make instructional decisions based on their students’ unique learning needs, student success improves. Our online modules help teachers build this expertise.”

The free online modules are based on groundbreaking research from neuroscience and other disciplines on how children learn – and vary in their learning – and provide a powerful framework that teachers can use in the classroom. These modules focus on three essential components of learning – attention, memory, and language. Each self-paced module includes information to deepen knowledge of these topics, in-depth case studies that demonstrate how to identify specific learning strengths and weaknesses, and strategies for working with students struggling in these areas. Featuring a mix of audio, video, text, diagrams, and animation, the modules will be accessible from the All Kinds of Minds website through the summer. The free courses do not qualify for continuing education credits.

“Our vision is for every educator to be able to use this knowledge on behalf of students – particularly those who are struggling to learn,” stated Barringer. “We hope that by making some of this knowledge more accessible, a greater number of educators will realize how it can be the key to helping them unlock the promise of students they are struggling to reach. In particular, we’re hopeful that teachers working with students in low-performing schools will find these resources valuable – especially since research shows that students from lower socio-economic backgrounds are more likely to be struggling with school and learning tasks related to attention, memory and language.”

To learn more or to participate in an online module, click here. Or visit www.allkindsofminds.org

5th Annual Conference on Learning Differences

A4_Flyer_copyFrom Chris Perakis Evloyia
Director, Stavros Niarchos Foundation

We are pleased to invite you to ACS Athens for the 5th Annual Conference on Learning Differences, “Leading by Example:  Holistic, Meaningful and Harmonious Approaches to Teaching All Children”.

This conference run on the 14-15 May 2010, offers us, as a community of educators and parents, an opportunity to reaffirm our belief that as unique individuals, we learn in different ways.

Practitioners from around the world will share best practice and current research, acknowledging that these differences can be a source of richness in the classroom, and that instruction must address these differences so that all students can succeed.

This is a wonderful conference and I can highly recommend it!

>download the conference program…

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Connecting Minds to Learning

A Message from Allison Clark, Foundations for Learning

Dear All,

We would like to wish you all of the very best for the New Year. At Foundations for Learning we have just moved into our new offices at Freiestrasse 175 and are preparing for our second practitioner meeting on Saturday, January 16th. The duration of the meeting will be from 10:00 to 12:00 followed by nibbles. Robin Hull of Hull’s School has very generously offered us a venue at Hull’s School, Falkenstrasse 28a CH-8008 Zürich.

On the agenda, a variety of items will be addressed:

10:00 Welcome

10:10 Update on the progress of the Foundation – where we are, what happens next

10:20 Review of upcoming courses hosted by Foundations for Learning:

– Paul Nichols: All kinds of Minds

– Vrenni Bollag: Sibling Jealousy

– Beatrice Lucas: Autistic Spectrum Disorder

– Teacher Assistants Course

– Opportunities for other courses and initiatives

10:30 Showcase of three of our practitioners – (each meeting we will have speaking slots for three practitioners to speak about their work.

11:00 FFL Special Educators Professional Development Forum

The forum will meet four times a year and aims to host guest speakers, share resources, review the latest assistive technology, extend the network of special educators, initiate and pursue research projects and much more.

11:30 Introduction to the Practitioner Community on our website where you can exchange, share and communicate within this group.

12:00. Nibbles – The photographer Philip Horn will be taking photographs of individual practitioners for our website during the break.

We look forward to meeting again. If you have not yet confirmed your attendance, please confirm with a reply email.

With warm regards and wishes for the season and beyond!

Sylvia and Allison